Welcome to Hot Dogs Grooming & Day Spa

Welcome to Hot Dogs Grooming & Day Spa

Welcome to Hot Dogs Grooming & Day SpaWelcome to Hot Dogs Grooming & Day Spa

About Us

Our Team

Our team are hand picked professional groomers that were picked to be the best of the best. We as a team make it our goal to treat every pet just as our own furbabies. Get to know our team here!

Importance Of Grooming

Here at Hot Dogs Grooming & Day Spa we do more than just baths and haircuts. We also like to inform clients of the importance of pet hygiene.  We offer soothing shampoos to meet your pets needs in coat and skin conditioners. We also offer a 4-step teeth brushing service. We do pedicures here as well for your pet's spa day. We have a variety of services to assist each dog's hygiene needs.

Why choose Hot Dogs Grooming & Day Spa?

We strive for our team to be the best because we love all of our clients and furbabies. We have a larger setting for a grooming salon which gives each pet more space. Our salon is not like some traditional places as we made it a point to make our salon into a tropical spa for your pets. We have a tiki bar for our clients where we can create custom scented shampoos. We have gone above and beyond in building our pet spa for our community so that it is customized for you and your pet.